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Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on September 19, 2008

My new favorite day is Thursday. It used to be Wednesday for reasons I will not outline, and in some ways Wednesday still holds the rank, but Thursdays are now much more exciting. Every Thursday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Greenling Organic Delivery drops off a big box of fresh, organic, and locally grown produce to keep my door company throughout the day. After a colleague opened my eyes to such services, Greenling became my answer to the impending moral food crisis I was about to have during and after the devouring of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver, when I could find only very limited local organic produce in our grocery stores. One day at Whole Foods, with the intention of buying something local to put a salad that would go with dinner, the only local produce in the entire store were conventional cucumbers and tomatoes. Central Market may be a little bit better in this department, but not by much and certainly not up to level I need for my efforts to eat locally where and when I can.

Yesterday Matt and I received our second Thursday delivery; such a nice surprise to come home to. It gives Thursday a sense of mystery because you never know what will come in the box. This week we have much of the same: red potatoes, basil, garlic chives, red peppers, New Mexican chiles & peppers (grown locally), zuchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, greens, onions, lemons, and limes. Last week we also had a cantalopue, okra, sweet potatoes.This week we have eggplant, green beans, and parsley instead.

Needless to say this is alot of food for two people who are not the biggest eaters, since we are not very big people. I am going to have to get creative—especially with the 17 onions, of varying sizes, I have acquired over the last wto weeks. Not to worry, I have a plan—veggie tamales with a green chile sauce.

Greenling Organic Delivery


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