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Blue Dahlia: Keeping it deliciously simple

Posted in restaurants by delicious:discourse on June 30, 2008

I have long been searching for a restaurant like Blue Dahlia: simple and delicious food, laid back, comfortable, inodoor and outdoor seating, not at all a scene, and a place I could go for any meal any day of the week. I often dislike eating out because the food is so overdone at many restaurants. The bread needs tons of butter, asparagus does not taste like asparagus, fish is covered with cream sauce, etc, etc, etc. Good quality ingredients should be able to stand alone as well as accompanied by other high-quaility ingredients.

Located on East 11th Street in wonderfully quirky East Austin, Blue Dahlia has a home in a house-turned restaurant, with outdoor seating on the front porch as well as a courtyard in the back. Inside, the tables are of heavy wood, some short and others long with stools for seating.

Sitting outside and braving the Texas summer heat, my friend and I ordered the bell pepper and cheddar fritatta served with an assortment of breads and the brie with walnuts and apricot preserves tartine (open-faced sandwich).  Condiments for the bread are a trio of rasberry jam, nutella, and another, which I cannot recall. I could have eaten the wheat bread of the sanwhich, the brie, walnuts, and apricot preserves all separately, but together it was simply divine. The frittata was tasty with big chunks of zucchini squash, bell pepper, and cheese. Oh, and everything was so reasonable.

I will be going back soon. By soon, I mean sometime this week.

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