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The best sort of offering….

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on August 12, 2008

Considering my birthday was over a week ago, this post is way overdue. This was the very best birthday cake I have ever had. It may not have tasted better than my carrot cake (which cannot be beat), but sometimes a cake is so much more than a cake, and in this case it was. By far, this was the happiest cake I have come across and that happiness transcended to the smile on my face when Matt surprised me with the cake. How can you resist the perfectly pink smiley face, contrasted with fresh white and the bubble lettering of birthday wishes? Not only does it look too good to eat, it really is too good and I am having trouble not eating it. Italian cream cake with cream cheese icing and bavarian cream filling from Lucy’s Cakes. Matt and I are slowly savoring each and every bite. And like me, the cake only seems to get better with age….

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