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ahh, the sweet elixir of life

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on January 24, 2010

Cappuccino, Cafe Medici, Austin

I like Bon Appetit. And for the most part, I trust in their recommendations. When roadtripping to Seattle last September for a solitary night, I consulted their Top 10 archive on for recommendations on where to eat. We, my fellow travelers and I, decided on Boom Noodle for our one shot at dinner (“Top 10 New Asian Noodle Bars”), Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream for an after dinner treat (“Top 10 Ice Cream Shops”), and Baguette Box for sandwiches to take on the road (“Top 10 Sandwich Shops”). All were spectacularly delicious, had clarity, were unpretentious, and had a great vibe. The trip proved incredibly successful: great food, gorgeous weather (it rains in Seattle, really?), and I found my wedding dress – first shop, first dress – check, check, check.

Eating Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream in Seattle.

Yes, Seattle was like this both days we were there. Magical.

So, when BA’s “Top 10 Best Boutique Coffee Shops” came out in their January 2010 issue, I was eager to try their one Austin recommendation – Progress Coffee. Mid-morning the weekend after Christmas, Matt and headed over to Progress Coffee to see what the BA buzz was all about. I’m not going to elaborate of the experience, but it was not any better or unique that my usual, sometimes daily, trips to my favorite coffee shops in Austin – Cafe Medici, Bennu, Walton’s Fancy & Staple, Dominican Joe’s, and wherever else a good cappuccino might fall into my lap (recently the Driskill Bakery and 24 Diner). This brings me to my point, what is the BA selection process for their Top 10 lists? I know restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton does not teleport all across the country dining at every new asian noodle bar or boutique ice cream shop. Do they rely on public relation professionals (let’s hope not), word on the street, their own intuition? What?

This is an important question, because similar to yoga – there is nothing worse than a really bad yoga class –  people who really enjoy coffee and take it seriously know that there really are few things worse than a really bad cup of joe. Take this Sunday morning for example, sitting at Cafe Medici before 9 a.m., Matt takes a sip of his impeccably-made cappuccino and croons, “Ahhh, the sweet elixir of life.”

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