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strawberries of spring

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on March 10, 2009

Strawberries of Spring

Saturday morning at the Austin Farmer’s Market in Downtown, I was surprised to see baskets of deep red strawberries among the greens, spring onions, carrots, and various bounty. I had been so focused on life and where I want to go, I had forgotten the natural rhythm of the world and the beauty of the changing of seasons. Unlike one might think, winter, filled with travels, milestones, and days, flew by. And now an early spring has descended on Austin, first indicated by consistently warm weather, then strawberries, and confirmed by daylight savings lengthening the days that will eventually turn into summer.

I never can resist spring and I am always ready for it to come, just like I could not resist these wonderful berries bursting with the freshness and sweetness that is spring. What could be a better sign? These berries, which started the day at some Hill Country farm, ended the day on the dinner table sprinkled among spinach, walnuts, and goat cheese and tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple. From farm to table and shared with friends. Even though I lost track, things are as they should be. I look forward to much, much more of spring.


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