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egg perfect

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on September 27, 2008

I could not help but admire the dozens eggs I bought this morning at the Austin Farmer’s Market in Downtown Austin, which shamefully are the first batch I have ever bought straight from somewhere other than the grocery store. You have to start somewhere, and now there is no turning back. Taking them out of the egg carton to put into the refrigerator tray, I could not help but pick each egg up without and “oooooo” and an “ahhhhh”—every single one was different, as they should be, of course. One was particularly scratched up, the color of the shells ranged from light tan to a warm honey brown, the sizes varied from jumbo to small, and some were more oblong than others. My excitement towards these eggs surprised me. I tried to reming myself that these are really just eggs and the 30 photos I took of them were so unecessary and if I was not careful Matt was going to have to committ me. But these eggs seem more real, more immediate, they represent nature and diversity, the come from animals who lay them, who contribute to the food chain. They will nourish us and give us energy to thrive and live. How could I not be excited, grateful, and thankful for these eggs? I cannot wait to try them with my egg toasts!

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