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Sweet & Savory Crepes

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on August 27, 2008

Once or twice a month I volunteer at Central Market’s Cooking School. It is a fun and educational way to not only learn about food, but scratch the itch to prepare food and taste food in a kitchen that is not yours with ingredients that you did not have buy. So, Saturday I volunteered for a morning class of Sweet & Savory Crepes, which turned out to be a relatively easy class to volunteer (which is nice for a Saturday morning) and an informative experience about all the varieties of crepes and their infinite possibilities.

I worked on prepping the Seafood Crepes, which required me to work with shrimp and scallops and also make a roux for the first time. The recipe is from the chef’s aunt, circa the 1970s. The filling turned out to be a cheesy concoction of cups of Cave Aged Gruyere, shrimp, scallops, and mushrooms. The previously made crepes were filled with spoonfulls of filling, rolled, placed into a baking dish, and smothered with the extra filling. Everyone who tasted them claimed they were divine and straight out of the 70s. I in my usual paranoia regarding Matt’s shellfish allergy, avoided them like the plague.

The other variatians prepared, taught, and served included a spinach, roasted garlic filled crepe with a roasted red pepper sauce; a creamy tarragon chicken filled crepe; chocolate crepes filled with macerated mixed berrries and garnished with chantilly creme and a sprig of mint (these were the most aesthetic-delicately folded in quarters with the dark chocolate crepe filled with pink-red berries and dolloped with white creme and mint of a natural green); and crepes Suzette made with an aromatic orange butter.

I have always been wary of crepes with the swirling stories about how hard they can be to make. The way the chef approached the topic was with the ease of an everyday approach. Crepes can be made relatively quickly and filled with almost any combination of the sweet and/or savory, making them a very real possibility for just about any meal.


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