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Coffee, Cream & Sugar

Posted in recipe by delicious:discourse on August 21, 2008

Coffee + cream + sugar = delicious caffeinated  comfort.

This tried and true formula proved itself once again to me last night when I used my KicthenAid ice cream attachment Matt gave me for my birthday for the very first time. I have been wanting to make ice cream all summer, first inspired by the juicy Hill Country Peaches.

As some may know, I am particularly discerning when it comes to ice cream, surprise surprise. Amy’s Ice Cream, which started in Austin, is hands down the best fix for an ice cream craving of mine. Their trademark is characteristic creaminess of unusual flavors with wacky names, like Cop Stop-coffee ice cream with donuts, or peanut butter & honey sandwich, Shiner Bock, oatmeal-raisin cookie, etc.

Flipping through David Lebowitz’s Perfect Scoop I decide coffee ice cream would be my maiden ice cream making adventure. As a kid I loved coffee ice cream—Hagen daaz preferably, but hated coffee (I have of course grown wise in my increasing years…). When my mom bought ice cream it was always mocha java chip. Anyway, with a combination of only heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, egg yolks, salt, ground coffee, coffee beans, and vanilla I created lively coffee ice cream with the creamiest of texture—all in the comfort of my own home. Now, I am wondering why store-bought ice creams have so many ingredients, many of which I cannot even pronounce. Needless to say, I have a feeling there will be many ice cream adventures to come. Beware.

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