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DD in New York City – Five Points

Posted in restaurants by delicious:discourse on August 20, 2008

After much research, contemplation, and many no availabilities, K secured a reservation at Five Points Restaurant for our Saturday night in New York. I have to admit Freemans and Blue Ribbon Bakery were our first choices, but Five Points turned out to be just what we needed, with a split-log running through the center holding running water, providing a babbling brook like zen. Accommodating our party of ten, the service was just right, not overly attentive and not MIA. We were seated in the back, actually at the table pictured below, which was comfortable and tucked away for all our conversation. We arrived starving, devouring the bread and ordering cocktails. Some of the memorable dishes from the Mediterranean-American seasonal summer menu were the oven baked pasta R ordered, surprising me due to its lack of protein. Apparently the layered pasta, slow cooked plum sauce, teleme, and grana cheese goodness hit the spot because there was not a bite left from the round dish about a foot in diameter. K in a comfort food mood chose the buttermilk chicken served with paprika potatoes that I kept sneaking bites of. A pork chop served with apricots was another favorite that was left no trace. I had a wonderfully buttery, yet light, pasta dish and I cannot recall the name. The pieces were smaller and harder than gnocchi, but equally delicious and warming.

After returning to Texas I glanced at their brunch menu online, I saw they have lemon ricotta pancakes (which I fell in love with in Australia), something to look forward to the next time I hit the City.

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