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Counter Cafe

Posted in restaurants by delicious:discourse on July 28, 2008
Counter Cafe, courtesy of flickr.

After a morning of cooling off at Barton Springs, Matt and I were hungry and faced with where to eat. Oh, the dilemma. It really never ends. The answer always alludes me and I end up going to one of my tried and true favorites. Driving north on Lamar, for once, I knew where to go, Counter Cafe, which has long been on my list but always slipping through the holes (figuratively speaking) in my brain.

We found a parking spot right up front (this never happens to me), and looking like we had just come from the Springs in wet bathing suits under our clothes, we walked into the cool slice of heaven that is Counter Cafe. A woman greeted us with a wide smile and a friendly hospitality. She insightfully noted we had been at the Springs, and insisted that after a swim in that 68 degree water, one would stay cool for 5 hours. Yes, she is right.

Seated right away, in one of the tables (the cozy restaurant consists of a long counter with seating and one row of tables along the wall) we decided to go for the blueberry pancake special andthe pimento cheese sandwich. After deciding on the food, I observed the restaurant, reminding me of an old-school diner. The patrons were a mix of college students and  random regulars.

The pancake was loaded with fresh blueberries and the pimento cheese sandwich was a gourmet grilled cheese delicacy. Oozing with real pimento cheese holding together two thick slices of bread, half was enough to to satisfy. My only regret is I could only try two things on the not-to-large menu. Next time one of the two will have to be the migas.

Counter Cafe (Courtesy of flickr)
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