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A Rather disappointing cake….

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on July 8, 2008

You can imagine my disappointment when after not only driving from Austin to Fredericksburg to pick up a cake from the renown Rather Sweet Bakery, but of dreaming of this cake ever since I discovered the place, the cake turned out Rather unremarkable. After my first bite, I thought I must be mistaken. The cookies at Rather Sweet are out-of-this-world, I kid you not. Maybe I should be more specific, I have only tried the oatmeal-cranberry and the chocolate-chip pecan, and both were deep in dimension and wide in size.

July 4th happens to be my grandfather’s birthday. I firmly believe that everyone should have a cake on their birthday, so I took it upon myself to provide a very special one for his 79th celebration. My choice of Italian Creme Cake loomed promising, even more so, when I picked it up and it looked beautiful and weighed a ton (no joke), in my mind an idication of a dense moist cake that would take you to the heights of sweet satisfaction. After 70 miles in a car, an anticipation building feast, the effort of homemade icecream the cake was ummm… dry. Yes, dry. You read correctly. And my dense, textured, rich Italian Creme Cake was white and flat.

I will not write off Rather Sweet just yet. Maybe I ordered wrong, maybe it was a bad day and the cookies are too good and the dream to sweet. But at this point, I am sketpical.


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