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Your vino. My vino

Posted in restaurants by delicious:discourse on July 1, 2008

So, unfortunately I am not a big “drinker”. I can already hear you cringe. How can you be a foodie, and not love love wine? To be honest, I just haven’t gotten into it for no particular rhyme or reason. But last Friday, I found the perfect place to “get into” wine….drumroll please….Vino Vino in Austin, Texas.

From the unassuming restaurant front, I had no idea what to expect. But walking into the cool, dim, dark- wood restauarnt with cream walls from the opressive Texas summer heat was a simple slice of heaven. The space is actually of impressive size; a deep, but wide rectangular room, with wine balls decorating the high wall space.

Walls of wine.

My two friends and I sat at the bar, which allowed us to interact with owner, Jeff, who is onevibrant character. His perogative, it seems, is to express his love of wine so much that it rubs off on you, even just a little bit. When I promptly informed him that I wanted some “bubbly” he directed me to a sparkling wine from Valencia, Spain—torre oria, a cava brut rose. I was skeptical, could this guy really be directing me to the cheapest class of bubbly??? That was until I tasted the darker than a rose-lighter than a red liquid in my glass. Desrcibed on the menu as “lush & lively red-pink bubbles all full, fleshy & spicy with oodles of ripe red juice. like deeply kissing a spice-soaked raspberry”. I couldn’t agree more, even if I have never kissed a spice-soaked raspberry.

To munch on, we ordered the sliced gravlax–cured salmon served with dill cream cheese and baguette. One word–divine. I felt so sophisticated. A special avocado soup, caused C to claim it was the best thing she has ever put in her mouth.

Even though only one glass of wine per person was comsumed (expcept for A who is quite the little connoisseur), we did not feel the need to leave until 3.5 hours later. Vino Vino provides a little haven, while the world spins on around you.

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