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The Glory of the Morning Glory

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on February 16, 2008
Imagine my disappointment when I arrived at Sweetish Hill at 9:30am this Sunday morning and they are already OUT OF morning glory muffins. How can this be???? The morning glory was going to provide me all the energy for my ELEVEN-mile run (did I mention I am training for a half-marathon February 17th?). How can a bakery run out of one of their best products within three hours of opening??????? It must be a conspiracy. They are hoarding them in the back waiting for the after-church goers, while the healthy, centered, and undevoted characters are punished with oat-bran (one of the better I have had) and mocha muffins (mocha, in this muffin basically just means chocolate, but mocha muffin sounds healthier than a chocolate muffin, which by the way, M would not get again). This, sadly, is not the first time this has happened to me, where they are out of the one thing I want, and I sadly have to choose an alternative because I am already there and there is no where else I want to go. M, irately informed me, it probably is worth calling before hand to see if they have morning glories than to go in excited and exit disappointed with some muffin/pastry you didn’t even really want, but were to dejected to reject. This is when I informed him that we just need to make our own because, honestly, I have been severely disappointed with the bakeries in this town.You may be wondering what is so great about Sweetish Hill’s morning glory muffin that would would warrant this cynical post. Where shall I begin?

The morning glory muffin is unbelievably satisfying and dimensional, leaving you wanting not a thing more. I never thought I would use dimensional to describe a muffin, which nowadays mostly are refined cake-like substances. The morning glory has texture and depth of shredded carrot and apple with the penetration of the spices throughout the entire muffin. Raisins bring scattered surprises of sweetness like unexpected little smiles and unanticipated gestures of affection. The muffin top, many claim to be the best part of the muffin, is firm and crusty and a promise of the goodness and strength that is to come below. Every bite is delicious and every difference or inconsistency throughout the muffin works itself out to create a beautiful and delicious ordered chaos in your mouth.


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  1. PinkWednesday said, on February 25, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    I went back to Sweetish Hill on Saturday and they were AGAIN out of morning glories! I asked one of the employees how many they make, and his reply— about 15 or 20. Only 15 or 20 of your signature muffin????? This sounds a little absurd. The absence of morning glories led M and I to try Upper Crust Bakery for muffins. The verdict = even fit to eat. We through them out and I had a piece of toast. Upper Crust may be good for some things but definitely NOT their muffins. However, this catastrophe will not happen again because as we speak, I am on my way to perfecting my very own morning glory muffin. Sweetish Hill, watch out.

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