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Tarrytown Farmers Market

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on February 16, 2008

Living in Tarrytown I didn’t even know we had a farmer’s market until driving home from Town Lake yesterday. A smattering of signs posted along Exposition informed me of the “Tarrytown Farmer’s Market Expo” starting at 9am on Saturday and located behind the Talulah Blue flower shop (which apparently has been there since 1946–I’m impressed). Having been generally disappointed with the farmer’s markets in Austin compared to those of LA or New York, I decided to drag the boyfriend to check it out this morning with falsely inflated hopes. I insisted on being there at 9am because I did not want to miss out on the good stuff. Honestly, I should have stayed in bed. Walking down the street this morning, there were cars parked along Exposition and Tarrytown moms walking away with white plastic bags full of what I thought may be delicious goodies. Walking in I even thought to myself “This may actually be cool”. Located behind the flower shop in a kind of wooded setting, are wood tables and “booths” in a U-shape. It is like walking into a little hidden grove. The first booth was Sweetish Hill, which I got really excited about because their morning glory muffins happen to be my favorite. Life was about to get good–I wasn’t going to have to actually get in my car and drive 5 minutes to pick one up on Saturday morning. How did I get this lucky? But of course, they didn’t have any muffins. Their selection consisted mainly of breads and very few danishes. The lady however, did say she would talk to them about incorporating morning glory muffins into their Tarrytown Farmer’s Market selection. Folks, there is hope. After Sweetish Hill, the booths got less and less exciting. There was a gourmet spice booth, one selling only mushrooms, Jake’s Granola that you can get at Central Market any day of the week (they had samples though and if I was to get one it would be the Pecan Orange Zest), a soap booth, several jewelry vendors I am sure you can find on South Congress or by campus, only like TWO produce booths (how can this be a farmer’s market with NO farmer’s???), Texas Coffee Traders, and a Round Rock Honey booth that actually had impressively large jugs of honey (12lbs!). Other than that, I cannot recall anything other vendors. Oh wait, I did see the wife of a guy I work with, but she wasn’t there for the “farm goods”, she bee-lined it too the vintage buckle lady. I am determined to not lose hope. This could just be the beginning. I am actually semi-seriously thinking of e-mailing the event coordinator at Talulah Blue to see if I can set up camp for the next market, on February 23rd, selling my famous carrot cake because I know people are dying to have it first thing Saturday morning–it is THAT good.


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