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Chocolate & Power

Posted in whim by delicious:discourse on February 16, 2008
I am by no means a chocoholic (I mean, if I have to, I will eat it…), but in Chocolat (it just happens to be on E tonight), the movie, Juliette Binoche’s magical cooking makes me want to eat nothing but chocolate. I could turn into a cocoa leaf right now, literally. At one point in the movie she has a dinner party for the few people who accept her in the rigid, French, country town she currently resides in. The meal is served outside in her quaint, unruly, European courtyard and she serves chocolate with everything–chicken with a chocolate sauce, asparagus dipped in chocolate–yes, all this sounds absolutely mad and some absurd combination a pregnant woman would crave. However, the looks on the faces of her guests are as if they have just taken a bite of the one thing their taste buds have always yearned for, yet never thought existed. By the way, did I mention that Johnny Depp, the mysterious gypsy, is one of the guests? Johnny Depp and sexy food, how can one go wrong (M, I love you!)?? I love this idea of the power and magic food can have on the people who eat it and the artists who create it. There are stories, mainly fictional, about chefs cooking their emotions into their food, which causes whoever eats the food to experience that emotion or the causes magical spell-like events to happen as though the food expressed the chef’s subconscious desires. No matter what exactly occurs–all instances indicate the simple power, pleasure, and expression of life food provides. We need food to live–there is nothing more powerful than that. To be more accurate, we need the nutrients food (by food, I mean REAL foods not processed junk) to live, but there is no reason we should not enjoy every bite along the way.There seems to be this idea today that enjoying and finding pleasure in the food we eat is an indulgence, which is just plain absurd. People eat processed junk promising far-out health claims, low-fat this, sugar-free that, low-card BREAD, etc, etc, etc. Does anyone enjoy any of these tasteless and nutritionless substances marketed as food? No, most certainly not. It would do everyone much more good to eat the real deal, which is much more satisfying, and just eating less. In food, delicious, quality and less, is in the end, so very much more. Just remember that.

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